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Acupuncture Services

New patient Consultation / First Acupuncture Treatment  $105.00

Massage, Acupuncture & Reiki $105.00​

Reiki, Massage, Cupping $120.00

Massage, Acupuncture & Reiki 2 hours $200.00

Facial Acupuncture for Anti-Aging/Preventive Wrinkles  $125


​Acupuncture Treatments Package

(Series of 10) $600 Paid in Full

(Series of 5) $325.00 Paid in Full

Weight Loss Package

(Series of 10) $600.00 Paid in Full

(Series of 5) $325.00 Paid in Full

Feet & Hands Reflexology with Acupressure Gusha  $105.00

Facial Acupuncture,Acupressure & Facial Rejuvenation $105.00

Anti-Aging/Facial Massage & Acupressure  $100.00

Chinese Traditional Body Cupping  $105.00


Private Healing Events (Yoga and Nutrition by Request Only)

Yoga & Nutrition Services  $35.00

Hatha & Yin Yoga Privates  - Basic & Intermediate Levels  $35.00

Hatha Yoga & Facilitated Stretching  $35.00

Nutritional Consulting & Recipes  $35.00


Meditation & Hatha Yoga Practices:

Mindfulness Meditation To Help Balance the Chakras,

Improve Breathing, Improve Health, Immunity, Improve Sleep,

Manage Depression and Anxiety, Increases Motivation and Concentration,

Lowers Blood Pressure. Benefits: improve health and longevity,

alleviate stress, inner peace enjoy a peaceful state of mind.

Preferred Payment: Cash, Venmo, & Zelle.

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By Appointment Only:


For Any Special Requests, Events,Occasions/Couples Massage or Spa Party: Contact Lisa directly by Email


Call: 808-738-2337

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