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As an intuitive healer, I am grateful for my clients and being able to help their quality of life and improve their health and wellness. My clients find me through word-of-mouth, or intuition, or spiritual guidance, which connects our souls together to use my intuitive healing gifts to heal their ailments or any trauma or ailments they store in their body., physical and mental well-being to relax, rejuvenate their spirit, and help restore their body back to homeostasis. 


I've been wanting to try acupuncture for many years, but I do not like needles, and the thought of having many needles all over my body totally freaks me out. But after doing extensive research and stumbling upon LMAR Healing, I felt it was finally time to address my chronic back pain, muscular tension, and stress that has recently been a damper on my everyday life.

One of the things that really made LMAR Healing stand out from the rest is that Dr. Lisa offers a unique service called "Lisa's Unique Healing Creation". This consists of combining acupuncture, massage, and reiki in one session. More important, Dr. Lisa's credentials are quite impressive. At that point, there was no doubt that I had found the perfect healer.

When I called to schedule my appointment, without even saying much, she was able to sense things that I was dealing with just through my voice and the way I was speaking. When I arrived at my appointment, she was able to read me even better in person. I did tell her a lot about myself, but clearly, my body gave her more insight into aches/ pains and imbalances. That is where she really shined. She is truly gifted in her ability to sense, feel, diagnose, and heal. All while keeping your comfort a top priority. As for the acupuncture, it didn't hurt at all. Half of them, I didn't even feel and half of them were just a little pinch. She's very slick with how she inserts them.

Fast forward to now and it's been 24 hours since my session with Dr. Lisa and I am still at a loss for words. This was without a doubt one of the best experiences of any sort that I've ever had in my life. She is professional, laid back, down-to-earth, compassionate, caring, and extremely informative.

I've heard the term "healer" many times, but it never meant anything to me, until now... Dr. Lisa is a very gifted healer, for she has healed my mind, body, and spirit. She restored it to a state that I didn't think was possible. And that was only in one session. She referred to herself as my guardian angel. With the magic that she performed, she may very well be... With that said, I look forward to continuing to see her so I can better the quality of my life through the services that she offers.


Magical Healing Hands I recently came out of the hospital for a head injury, and Dr. Lisa was able to heal my trauma. She made me feel comfortable and I felt safe around her enough to finally relax for the first time since my incident. I felt at peace when she did the healing session and much lighter after she completed it. I was able to get clarity and the knots in my body were nonexistant for once. That is what true serenity feels like. She was very patient and kind as well as knowlegeable on meditation, yoga, stretches, herbal supplements, and nutrition. I especially adore that she responds immediately. I highly recommend coming to her for a deep-cleansing and rejuvinating facial and microdermabrasion combo with a medical massage. I would book a session with her, you will love her healing touch.


My, my, my! Lisa is definitely an intuitive healer. I selected Lisa because her reviews were excellent. When I called, she answered the phone immediately. I decided to schedule an appointment for a massage and a facial because I sensed and heard her passion for helping people to feel better. One week later when I arrived for my appointment, I was not disappointed. Upon entering the space, she was ready and prepared for me. The clean space, the aromatherapy, and the soft meditative music created sacred space, and I immediately relaxed into it. Before Lisa started the massage, she spent time getting to know me which was very much appreciated. I've never had acupuncture before, but it was an awesome experience. Lisa is very knowledgeable about the healing arts to include acupuncture, facial, meditation and crystals. Lisa has a way of being present to you, without being intrusive. I had pain in my arm and my body was under a great deal of stress, but after I left there, I felt much relief and release. I would recommend Lisa because she is definitely intuitive and highly skilled at what she does. Blessings in abundance as you continue to pursue your passion.

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